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A Year-End Thought


This week, my college basketball team visited southern California, and I was lucky enough to spend some time with them over the past few days. I found myself re-connecting to my own seminal experience 35 years ago, when I was part of that team. The intense camaraderie of that time established lifetime relationships that are among the most treasured I have. The current crop of players cannot yet fully appreciate how meaningful this is. In time, they will. Sports is, by definition, competitive, and we keep track of our wins and losses. I’m certain that my teams won more games than we lost, but I really Read More

Path to Progress


Zimbabwe is a country of 14 million people. I’ve never been there, and I can’t recall if I’ve ever met anyone from there, but I’m sure that the vast majority of Zimbabweans are very pleasant people. I’ll also stipulate that the vast majority are hard-working, although that may be difficult to prove. Of the 14 million people in the country, just 700,000 are considered officially employed. I’m not sure what the other 13,300,000 people are doing every day, but this astonishing fact highlights for me the depth of the challenge for so many countries. Perhaps few are as abject failures as Zimbabwe, but Read More