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Digging Out


The eastern United States was buried in snowstorm Jonas this weekend, from 42 inches (more than a meter for our non-US friends) in West Virginia to (a mere) 15 inches on Cape Cod. Snowfall records going back more than a century were toppled from Baltimore to New York. Sustained winds in excess of 70 mph added to the mess. Below is the view from my window this afternoon (70 and sunny here in Santa Monica). Now, if these two photos cause some jealousy, I’m fine with that. But my main point is that looking up into a snow bank does Read More

Après moi le déluge


In more ways than one…. We greeted the new year with an actual deluge, at least here in California, as the long-promised El Niño swooped in with force. Mudslides and traffic accidents are the prices we will pay to replenish (but only partly) our water reserves. We were also greeted by a deluge in the markets, kicked off by Shanghai’s 7% decline on the first trading day of 2016 as investors there spent the holidays musing over the state of the Chinese economy and concluded it is not good. The ripple traveled around the globe, although dissipating with distance, as Read More