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Toes in the Sand


For me, and I think I speak for everyone on the planet, the feeling of warm sand between the toes is one of life’s great pleasures. And for virtually everyone on the planet, including those of us who look at a beach every day (ok, I may be rubbing it in), we don’t give sand much thought: it’s just there. But sand is more than pretty beaches; it’s big business. And it’s gotten to be even bigger business with the advent of the Shale Revolution. That’s because a lot of subsurface rocks that contain oil and gas lack permeability, which Read More

Not Dead Yet


According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), the self-acclaimed arbiter of economic debate in this country, the current economic expansion began in June 2009, meaning we just passed eight years of uninterrupted growth. This is now the third longest period of economic growth since the Civil War (see chart below). In May next year, we will pass the second-longest expansion, and if we can get to the summer of 2019 without a dip, we’ll have a new record. Will we get there? And does it matter? The answers are, probably and yes. To answer the first part, we Read More